Monday, February 25, 2019

Holi Celebration in Rest Of the World

Holi Celebration in World: We have informed you in holi essay that holi is celebrated in all over the world and we have seen that how holi celebration in India is done. Holi has become a global colour festival and it is cheered globally. Now have a look how holi is celebrated in all over the world.

Holi Celebration in Nepal

After India, Holi is widely celebrated in Nepal. Nepal is the only Hindu country in the world and that is the reason that Indian festivals are celebrated in Nepal and Holi is no exception. Holi is celebrated as a national festival in Nepal.

Holi is celebrated in Nepali Phagun month which is similar to Indian calendar date. Holi is biggest Nepali festival after Diwali.In Nepal, Holi is celebrated in memory of lord Krishna while Budhdhist celebrated the festival of Holi by worshipping Goddess Saraswati. Also, some traditional programmes are being oraganised in the big towns in Nepal.

People in Nepal, celebrates Holi by spraying colours on each other. The popular Holi celebration is to throw water baloons and colour baloons to each other. It is also known as Lola. Lola means the water baloons. In Nepal there is also a tradition of mixing Bhang in the food like Indian tradition. 

Holi Celebration in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there is no such big celebration of Holi happens like India and Nepal but minority Hindu communities celebrates the festival of Holi with colours and sweets. In Pakistan, there was not public holiday of Holi from year of 1947 to year of 2016. In 2016, Pakistan parliament give right to institutions to right to declare the Holi holiday. This decision was proved very controversial but Holi is now holiday in Pakistan.

Holi Celebration in Mauritius

In Mauritius, Holi is celebrated in the way of spring starting and festival of Shivratri. People celebrates the festival of Holi as a farewell of winter and welcome of festival of spring. The celebration of Holi includes, bonfire of Holi and throwing water and colour on each other and some wild celebration of Holi festival occurs in Mauritius.

Holi Celebration in Guyana

Holi is a national holiday in Guyana that means Holi is given a whole nation holiday. People of all communities takes part in the Holi celebration. Along with colour spraying, Holi celebration occurs in Georgetown Mandir which is known as Prashadnagar Temple. Holi is celebrated very happily in Guyana and it's various places.

Holi Celebration in Suriname

In Suriname, Holi is known as Phagawa festival. Holi is celebrated to welcome the season of spring and to give respect to Hindu mythology. The festival of Holi is declared as a national holiday in Suriname. During the celebration of Holi, people wears old white clothes and make each other dirty by throwing various kind of colours on each other. 

Holi Celebration in Fiji

In Fiji, Holi is known as the festival of colours, festival of folk songs and dancing. The people of Fiji, celebrates the festival of Holi like other Hindu countries by throwing colours on each other and dancing and singing. The songs of Holi is known as phaag gaaian in Fiji. Like India, the most of the songs in Fiji for Holi is concentrated on the Radha and Krishna. They also celebrates the Holi as a last month of Hindu calendar and also as a festival of love and excitement.

Holi Celebration in Trinidad and Tobago

In Trinidad and Tobago, the festival of Holi is known as Phagwah and it is celebrated on the closest Sunday of Holi or Phagwah. The Holi is celebrated with lots of colours and splendid celebration and also with Holi songs known as Chowtal.

Holi Celebration in United States

Holi is also celebrated by the Hindu communities in United States. Holi is celebrated very widely in US too. The Holi celebration is occurs in the cultural halls and in the temples. People celebrates Holi with great excitement there too with devotions and obvious with colors.

Final Words: So this was some information about how holi is celebrated in outside the India. Holi is festival of joy and colour and world also celebrating holi festival with us. So now, Holi has become the global festival of colours and there is no doubt about it. Do not forget to visit this great website for happy holi wishes and images 2019. Till than Happy Holi!