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Holi Essay | Essay on Holi | Holi Festival Essay Details and Information

Holi Essay | Essay on Holi | Holi Festival Essay Details and Information : Hello and welcome to this one more Holi special article. In this article, we bring you all the details and information related to Holi festival. Holi is the color festival of India and every Indian love the festival of Holi and to make this holi more informative for every one, essay on holi will be very helpful. This essay on holi is in English language and this essay details will be very useful to the students, teachers and all the knowledge hungry people. You can make short essay or long descriptive essay on holi from this article. This article will be useful for every class student that is from class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 to class 10 students. Like Holi Drawings this details will also be helpful to the project work given to children in school and colleges.


Holi Essay | Essay on Holi 

India is the country if festival. India has various kind of festival for various seasons to various occasions. This festivals are the reason that keep India alive and vibrant. Among all these Indian festivals, Holi is my favorite festoval because it is the festival of colour.

Holi is a Hindu festival which comes during the Spring season. Holi is celebrated in India and Nepal widely and also in the countries where Hindu lives. Holi is a two day festival. First day is celebrated as Holi while second day is celebrated as Dhuleti.
Holi is celebrated yearly in the month of Phalgun according to Hindu calendar. Full moon of the Phalgun month is celebrated as Holi. Generally it falls in end of February month or in March month according to Greagorian calendar.

Holi is the encient Indian festival which has legends connected to it for the celebration of Holi. The prime history of the celebration of Holi is related to the story of Prahlada and Holika. The symbolic legend is something like this which is related to Lord Vishnu.

In the ancient time, there was a devil king called Hiranyakashipu. He was a asura king. Asuras were the ancient Indian types of devil. Hiranyakashipu was very powerful in terms of all kind of powers. Power made him arrogant and he became so arrogant that he banned worship of Lord Vishnu in his empire.
But his own son, Prahlada, was devotee of Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu tried very hard to stop his son Prahlada from worshiping Lord Vishnu but he refused to stop worshipping Lord Vishmu. By losing all the hope to bring back Prahlada from worshipping Lord Vishnu, HIranyakashipu called her sister Holika.

Holika was blessed in such way that fire couldn't burn her and Hiranyakashipu asked her to kill Prahlada. Holika was immune not to burn in fire so she sat in the fire and made Prahlad sit in her lap. While fire roared, with the help of Lord Vishnu's worship, Prahlada saved while Holika burned.

holi festival essay details and information

The death of Holika was the victory of good over bad, victory of good over evil. and from that day Holi is celebratedwhich is also as Holika Dahan. On the evening of Holi, people makes Holika from the wood and burn him in shubh muhurta. People do worship of that Holika and celebrated Holi.
The second day of Holi is celebrated as Dhuleti. Dhuleti is also known as Dhulandi, festival of colors and Rangavali Holi. People celebrates Dhuleti by spraying various colors on each other. The day of Dhuleti is full of enjoyment and colours. In erlier time, the colors deprived from plants and trees such neem, kumkum and termeric were used. But now chemical colours has taken the place of those organic colors which is not only bad for skins but also against the celebration spirit.

People makes various sweets like Gujiya, Mathri and Malpuas and they also meet at each others house at the evening. The festival of two days brings new joy to our lives and gives pure joy of festival celebration.

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There are also some other legends connected with Holi celebration. Along with Holika and Prahlada, the other legend is of Lord Krishna. While krishna was little kid, her uncle Kansa had sent demon named Putana to give poison and kill little Krishna. But Krishna not only survived but also killed Putana. So the people of Braj celebrated the day with colors and dance. Since then the colourful celebration of Holi occurs there with Radha Krishna dance which is known as Raas Leela. The Holi is also celebrated as Rangapanchami in the remembarence of Lord Krishna and Radha.
Like other Indian festivals, Holi has some great messages in it's celebration. First is truth always wins, no matter how strong the lie is. Second the significance of meeting each other on the day of Dhuleti, to forget the bad memories and start a new relationship by making each other colorful. Holi is celebrated in various ways in all over the India and that is the beauty of our country that keeps India united and alive in all the ways. We wish that you keep safe during this Holi celebration and Lord Krishna keep blessing you in all the possible way to you and your family.
Final words on Holi Essay: So this was the little try to write essay on Holi festival in English language. We hope that details given here will be helpful to you to write short or long essay on Holi. The history of Holi also be known to you so that you can share this with others. We tried to keep the details to keep accurate so this article become a perfect information source to you. Do not forget to share this Holi essay with other children and students so that they can pick useful information from this. You can also find some happy holi images 2019 from this website. Happy Holi !