Thursday, February 28, 2019

Some Interesting Holi Facts for every Holi Lover

Some Interesting Holi Facts: Hello and a warm welcome on this holi facts special post. Earlier, we have created some beautiful posts on holi festival like Holi Essay and Holi Celebration in India. We have also collected some information about how holi is celebrated outside the India. But those articles are very informative and very detailed.
some interesting holi facts
Some interesting Holi Facts to know

So if you do not want to go that deep in reading than this holi facts article is a pocket article for you. Here, we have collectes some facts related to Holi. You may be aware of them but we are sure that some of these Holi facts will surely amaze you. This is the short and sweet and to the point Holi facts for you.

Some Interesting and Amazing Holi Facts:

  1. Holi was not a holiday in Pakistan from 1947 to 2016. Yes, Holi was considered holiday just 3 years ago in Pakistan and that also created a dispute with the people of Pakistan.
  2. In Nepal, Holi is a national festival and considered big festival after Diwali. In Nepal tradition of Holi celebration is throwing water baloons on each other. These water baloons have very interesting name. Water baloons in Nepal is known as Lola.(This is really interesting :) and good to know )
  3. In Fiji, the Holi is celebrated by fold dance and folk songs. The interesting holi fact here is that Holi songs in Fiji is known as Phaag Gaaian. In this terms, Phaag is representing the month of Phagun or Phalgun and Gaaian means songs. So Phaag Gaaian is the holi folk songs in Fiji.
  4. In Trinidad and Tobago, Holi songs has different name. In Trinidad and Tobago holi songs are known as Chowtal.
  5. In Trinidad and Tobago, the Holi is celebrated on the nearest Sunday of Holi festival.

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